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    It doesn't take a numerologist to understand that the X7 is the largest BMW SUV on offer. It's almost 10 inches longer than the X5 (203.3 inches versus 194), 2 inches taller (71.1 versus 69) and just as wide (about 79 inches), with a 5-inch longer wheelbase (122.2 inches to 117.1). But beyond numbers, the X7 simply looks monstrous, with its bolt-upright stance and the largest grille ever slapped on a Bimmer (true story).
    The look embodies BMW's latest design language, with an emphasis on strong character lines and ever-slimming front lights. Even the rear lights are thinning out, following in the footsteps of every new BMW, from 3 Series to 8 Series and back again. It's unclear if a coupe-like variant will eventually follow, because while BMW does love itself a wacky variant like that, a tapering rear roofline will undoubtedly wreck third-row headroom.
    The interior is similar to the 2019 X5, with flowing lines on the center console and door panels that work their way up toward the dashboard. Two standard screens sit in the driver's field of view -- one replacing the gauge cluster, and one for infotainment -- but there are still physical buttons for the climate and audio controls beneath. Vehicle modes, gears and the start button are located alongside one another on the center console, and in the right trim, you can get a shifter made of crystal-clear glass. A three-panel panoramic glass roof is standard, and third-row passengers have their own control for the shade that can cover it.
    The X7 offers seating for either six or seven. The back row seats two full adults, while the middle row seats either three (on a bench) or two (in captain's chairs), depending on trim. Both second-row arrangements have 5.7 inches of fore-aft travel, and there are numerous switches that can fold the seats flat for easier third-row access. If you have something heavy that needs lifting into the cargo area, the standard air suspension will lower the rear end to make the job a little easier. A split-folding electric tailgate is standard, too.
    Your traditional luxury-car accoutrements are all available, including parking sensors, five-zone automatic climate control, heated front seat armrests, soft-close doors, heated and cooled cup holders, gesture control and a head-up display. If you really want to ball out, the Executive Package adds a wild panoramic sunroof that uses embedded LED lights to act as a starry sky. That's some proper Rolls-Royce stuff, and it's especially impressive on something that doesn't cost as much as a Rolls-Royce.
    All BMW X7s carry two screens on the dashboard. A 12.3-inch gauge cluster screen that offers different views based on the vehicle mode, but pertinent information like road speed and navigation directions is always kept in full view. The tachometer can be swapped out in favor of information from the infotainment system, in case you care more about your radio station than how many revs you're at.
    The 12.3-inch infotainment screen offers touch capability, in addition to a standard controller with haptic feedback on the center console. If offers a wide variety of connected services, including parking and traffic information, as well as concierge services. Six USB ports are standard, including some Type-C connectors. Combine the system with the BMW Connected app, and you can push appointments and directions from your smart device to the car. A Wi-Fi hotspot is standard, as is wireless device charging.
    You don't even need a key for the darn thing. BMW Digital Key lets you cast the traditional fob aside and use your phone as the key. There's a catch, though -- it only works with NFC-capable Samsung Galaxy phones running Android 8.0 or higher, and it's apparently limited to select carriers, although BMW didn't say which ones.
    The 2019 BMW X7 hits dealerships in March. The xDrive40i model will set you back $73,900, while the xDrive50i will command a lofty $92,600.
    Starting later in October, prospective buyers can skip the dealership altogether and preorder a new X7 through BMW's consumer site, although a trip to the dealer of one's choice is still required to finalize the order and eventually pick the thing up.
    The X7 will be built at BMW's Spartanburg, South Carolina plant, where it also produces the X3, X4, X5 and X6.
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